State of the Nation – Part 5

An informed, united voting class is the only force that can change the course of India. It has the power to force the political parties to put up better candidates, and then send good people to Parliament. The hope is that these good people will stay good when they go to Delhi and make policies that are right. It doesn’t matter which party they belong to.

This is not an impossible situation to imagine. In fact, I cannot see any other. Given India’s political system, it will take decades for a new party to be created and attain any sort of power. And even then there is no guarantee that it will not surrender itself to special interests. Our best hope is to work within the current system and with the political parties we have. We need to change the basis of competition – with our votes.

This is the movement that India needs – one that uses the power of information and votes to transform India. This is what some of us need to start working towards. Tens who can mobilise hundreds can in a thousand days change the future of a billion.

2 thoughts on “State of the Nation – Part 5

  1. the naivete continues….

    first is the assumption that my reading of the state of the nation is better than the next guys. education, hah!!!

    second is the assumption that vote banks have some kind of tie rod that keeps them from unbanding… had karuna known this!!!

    third is the pessimism that we have to play within the existing options…eyes closed, world black!!!

    fourth is the assumption that while people can change politics, politics does not change people…example Gandhi and Partition

    and more, all questionable?

    if this is the build up to the next election then this is an entirely sorry state of affairs, if not for the BJP, then for the guys who seek change.

    Why the hell does the thinking process need to be so direct? Engineering logic applied to politics?

    Politics is like life, it is forever creative, the stodginess of logic has little place in communes.

    Take a leaf from Obama or even Clinton, we don’t change the game, we are the game.

    Stop whining!

    Get real!

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