Water Woes

A few days ago, I heard a new phrase to describe the world’s three biggest challenges: FEW Problems, to refer to Food, Energy and Water. I loved the FEW monicker. And the W part hit home when I was talking to a friend in the suburbs of Mumbai.

He is living in a new building (constructed about two years ago). Everything is good about it – except they get very little water from the municipal corporation. The result is that they have to get water via water tankers for the bathrooms, and get Bisleri big water bottles for the drinking water. When I probed further, he said that the corporation seems to have an unstated policy of providing a limited supply of water to new buildings.

That I found quite shocking. If a building has been given permission to get constructed, why make life difficult for its residents? Maybe, we need a national Right To Water Act!

3 thoughts on “Water Woes

  1. From what I gather it is not that simple. Water is supplied in tankers to buildings which do not have all the necessary permissions and infrastructure. For instance, buildings need to have underground water storage which get BMC water and then you push water to tanks using that storage tank. New buildings generally do not have permissions and infra in place.

    Of course after sometime this issue gets resolved after enough greasing of palms etc.