Oxford Very Short Introduction series

I am a big fan of Oxford’s Very Short Introduction series of books. Each book is about 150-odd pages and covers one topic. It is a great way to come up to speed on a new topic in a couple hours of reading. As I read somewhere, there are the ideal companion for a short train ride or flight.

We need to do something similar with Indian history, thought and general writing. Many of the books I see are big tomes, which are just so intimidating to get started. Someone needs to create well-written books like this in India, and price them in the Rs 200 range.

3 thoughts on “Oxford Very Short Introduction series

  1. I think Atanu Dey was proposing something similar a couple of months back when he talked about a brief summary of books with very good ideas but also very lengthy in nature. He proposed summarizing the whole book so that the message and gist of the book remains but the read will not be very lengthy. He also had an acronym for it that I can’t quite recollect.

  2. Rajesh,

    It is a good idea. I have the following suggestions:
    a) Adequate time shall be taken to write/edit/proof read.
    b) A website for the initiative or one website for each book shall be created to facilitate publishing corrections, Blogs, further contents, external links.
    c) eCopy of books bought by a customer shall be available online and could be linked to an open ID (like yahoo, google)