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Medianama had a write-up on yesterday. Here is an excerpt:

Rajesh Jain’s Netcore Solutions is planning to introduce a mobile Internet based solution to address the challenges the industry is facing while sending SMS’ to consumers, following the TRAI SMS Spam guidelines, which limit consumers on the do not call registry to an all-or-nothing regime for categories that they can subscribe to.

Speaking with MediaNama, Netcore COO Girish Nair said that via a partnership with Verisign, the company is introducing, which allows each user with an Indian mobile number (beginning with 91, for India), to create his own message inbox on the web, which allows for the selective blocking of spam messages, and for the consumer to receive messages over the mobile Internet, and also allows enterprises to message consumers those messages which they choose to selectively receive. He said that this is particularly applicable to certain transaction-related messages which have not been included in the defined transaction messages list from the TRAI, and also address the SMS cost increase expected once an interconnect charge of Rs 0.05 is levied.

“The (marketing) source can be blacklisted or whitelisted by you, and unlike the TRAI regulation, which is about categories, you can bar a specific brand or allow a specific brand. In the end, the user will go to the website to see the message, but the consumer will go to publish,” Nair told MediaNama.

But won’t this limit the usage to the Mobile Internet users only? Nair agrees, but says that he expects mobile Internet users to grow. The company plans to launch a mobile application in a couple of months, and this will enable a server based mobile message push to the users mobile phone, mirroring the way SMS works.

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  1. Great solution at individual device level…How will this work at network level though without collaborating with each an every operator ? SPAM SMS will still be sent from network to the device …TRAI has to ensure networks eliminate SPAM SMS as first intermediary and have such a facility per subscriber enabled in network …

  2. necessity as the mother of invention???

    good, very good!

    subscription based service is always the best, with clear options to turn a stream off. i am not sure if the product has google mail like content labelling and inbox skipping, it is perhaps something that can be a useful feature.

    a trifling thought..

    being the first is good, being there “always” is better, becoming the “unlivable without it” is best. now that the invention is done, the marketing needs to take over. which has been traditionally a weakpoint with netcore and its allies.

    the major thing that can go wrong here is not identifying who your true customers are. hope this venture succeeds before the me too’s do.

    netcore has always been creative and head of the pack, but most of the time the pack overtakes it, or the others do. good luck this time.