Citizens and Politicians Engagement: From Confrontation to Constructive Co-operation – Part 5

Today, representatives and citizens are seen as two separate entities, creating an “us versus them” feeling. This needs to change. One way to do this is to create the equivalent of a “Social Causes for India” project. These 5-10 hours from each of us can make a huge difference in bridging the chasm that exists and also make for a much more integrated, wholesome and happier society.

We can think of many other ideas to improve trust and foster engagement between the twin pillars of our democracy – citizens and elected representatives.  It would be good to hear from you as to what you think can be done. Our individual passion combined with the collective power of political class can help create a better nation.

5 thoughts on “Citizens and Politicians Engagement: From Confrontation to Constructive Co-operation – Part 5

  1. I think this article should shed some light on how the current “lawmakers” leave us all with a distorted “fight for rights” perception, by changing the game itself.

  2. have you ever been to an amitabh movie or rajnikantha movie in the seventies and felt out of place, that you wanted no part of the crassness that went about as heroic.

    did you ever feel that the whole story background was slimy and not representative of you, as a modern liberal, upto date man of the world.

    welcome to the schism and the resultant phrenia.

    the modern city voters angst is that he finds nothing in common with politicians who represent a class he is not on first name terms with.

    for the politician himself there is one existential dilemmma, how much ever he likes the clean and the citybred he knows where his bread and butter is coming from and has to stoop low to get it. if he doesnt some one else will.

    the demongraphic is changing, slowly but surely and the days when you will feel for your politician and he will feel for you, as opposed to his earlier quarry is not very far.

    on the optimistic side, this will turn out good politicians and good people…

    but then, it can also generate the clinically corrupt deals which are difficult to catch, and the world will be the same again.

    there are ideals and there is reality…

  3. I agree with Johan, lawmakers keep changing the rules of the game and only them know how to play it, leaving all of us in complete ignorance.