UPA 2’s Mid-term Blues – Part 3

As we think through the leadership  issue, it is important to make sure we do not repeat the mistake. Our decision about which party to support and vote for must be based on the leadership of the party.

Here is where the BJP is losing the game. The ruling coalition has poor and weak leadership but the opposition’s counter to that is unfortunately no leadership or “collective leadership.”  This is not what the country needs. Group decision-making may work in some situations, but a leader has to be the one who makes the decisions and have the skills to do so. And one of the key attributes has to be mass support. If the BJP cannot provide a viable leadership alternative soon, the default vote in this country may end up staying with the Congress.

We as the people need to send out a strong message. With a government that is not governing, we need to start a vigorous debate about the importance of leadership and the kind of leader that we want. With little to differentiate the two national parties in the minds of most voters, the qualities and personality of the leader can make all the difference.

Continued tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “UPA 2’s Mid-term Blues – Part 3

  1. I do not agree with your comment that BJP is lacking good leaders. Modi is definitely a great leader. I think BJP should make a bold decision and announce Modi as their next PM candidate.

  2. I wonder how you would justify your ‘need one leader’ logic with what happens in the US where the candidate is not decided until few weeks before the elections?