Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Top 10 emerging enterprise technologies for 2012: from InfoWorld.
  • Best Business Books of 2011: from strategy+business. Also: some recos from Knowledge@Wharton.
  • India’s imperfect liberalisation: by Swapan Dasgupta. “Even two decades after liberalization transformed India and heralded far wider levels of prosperity, India has not yet turned its back on the belief structures of the bad old days. Economic reforms, it would seem, become meaningful only when accompanied by an intellectual revolution.” (via Vijay)
  • How China can defeat America: by Yan Xuetong. “China’s quest to enhance its world leadership status and America’s effort to maintain its present position is a zero-sum game. It is the battle for people’s hearts and minds that will determine who eventually prevails. And, as China’s ancient philosophers predicted, the country that displays more humane authority will win.”
  • The Two Moons: by David Brooks. Some similarities with the Indian political situation. “In normal circumstances, minority parties suffer a series of electoral defeats and then they modernize. But in the era of the two moons, the parties enjoy periodic election victories they don’t deserve, which only re-enforce their worst habits.”

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Not related to any of this post ..

    But regarding the protest by BJP against FDI in retail.
    BJP are die hard socialist …can not be reformed.

    I hope you would be able to convince leaders in BJP to support the move …

  2. Dear Mohanji,

    To me BJP isn’t Socialist at all, Policy to open up ones economy is great but please do understand that all countries that are sucsessful today for e.g. China, USA, and Europe have no limit to FDI only after they are fully self sufficient i.e, they have all basic necessities covered for the majority of their population, we on the other hand are starved for basic needs therefore a certain amount of restrain is very important.

    The stance for employment for 10 Million is great for the short term (3-5 Years) maybe, after that when they (Multi-Brand Retailers) achieve in consoladating (driving out the average store out of business) there would be a strong arm again against the Farming community.

    We indeed need FDI at the moment it should only be Single Brand no Multi-Brand. This move would only help the PE’s invested in retail in the country the average trader would be hit big time.

    Though to play devils advocate there are certain good cavets to this policy that its the State Government’s decision to implement this or not and also any city having a population less than 1 Million cannot setup shop there. Which restrict’s them to only 53 cities in the country.

    The only socialist in the country is rightfully the left party! 🙂

    These are random thoughts on the issue therefore not structured correctly.


    Satyam Bahcani.