I am rediscovering the joy of playing Chess with Abhishek. He is learning, and we now have started playing sometimes together against the computer or against each other.

I used to play a lot of Chess when I was younger. I still remember recreating the games from one of the Spassky-Fischer tournaments from a book I had got. I had memorised openings. I played quite a lot in IIT too, but was never good enough to beat more experienced opponents! Over time, the playing diminished.

Now, it is slowly coming back. I am perhaps a little better than a beginner now, and have to get into the mindset of planning out moves. Right now, the objectives are simple: avoid silly mistakes!

3 thoughts on “Chess

  1. The other point about Chess is how it had stood the test of time. Many other games have undergone many modifications – not Chess.

  2. Chess is fun! The rules of chess are few. Outplay of many pieces as per these simple rules results in the complexities and excitement of chess.

    It is an off-beat analogy; but almost all the physical phenomenon in our world can be explained by only 3 rules, under the theory of Quantum Electro Dynamics.

  3. One of the best of memory of my father is tis only – to teach and play with me the game of chess. Hope both of you have lot of fun and bonding together..