Cricket Overdose

I don’t know if I am the only one who feels like this, but I think we have too much cricket nowadays, and that is perhaps the biggest reason for the empty stadia when the matches are being closed. It almost feels like the Indian team (or at least the players) are involved in something round the year. That sense of anticipation has gone away.

Also, the ‘larger-than-life’ players have reduced from all sides. An India-Australia series or an India-West Indies series had greats from both sides. Somehow, now, there seems to be more a sense of mediocrity now in the teams, barring a handful of exceptions.

I guess, times change. This is the new reality, like it or not.

2 thoughts on “Cricket Overdose

  1. It had to happen one day. I would blame it on bad planning and not understanding that from consumer point of view it is entertainment. And it has to be given in doses else it looses its charm.

    On the other hand I am happy. It may give our Nation maybe something different to obsess on. And maybe it will a healthy obsession.

  2. cricket once was the only entertainment ….the time when we had only radio to listen to, theater halls for recent movie releases and ice-candy or goolgappa – the 10 minutes road entertainment for a foodie with limited pennies…but now cricket has to compete for audience eyeballs! We shudder what will happen to charisma and nostalgia of cricket once the lest batch of the cricket era – Tedndulkars, Darvid, Laxman or Dhoni come to sit in visitor’s gallery.