National Rail Museum

In July en route to Binsar, I had visited the National Rail Museum in Delhi in Chanakyapuri. If you have kids who like trains, this is a must-see place. Of course, things can be done better, but it is a start. At that time, I could not visit the Souvenir Shop since we reached after it had closed.

On this trip, I made it a point to go check the shop. As I reached the museum, it was good to see buses with students entering and leaving. The shop itself can do with a major overhaul. They need to have many more models of trains – the few engines that are there are expensive and not for playing. I can imagine that kids would be big buyers if they created models of Rajdhani and other trains and engines that can be played with (moved) by hand.

I bought a Railway Atlas (Rs 520) for Abhishek — it has every station in India neatly placed on a map. Really good!

3 thoughts on “National Rail Museum

  1. It is a nice place to spend half a day with your kid. The winter is great time to do so with some sweaters on.


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