Transforming India: Voting for Leaders

I have said this many times but it helps to repeat it: Leadership matters. No nation, no organisation has been built without strong leadership. In Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew and China’s Deng Xiaoping, we have two examples of leaders in the Asian region who transformed their countries. In India, Vajpayee did many things right during the 1998-2004 period when he was in power. No leader is without his faults, and one can always criticise what they did. But the fact remains that they led from the front, took the hard decisions, and put their nations on a positive path of progress.

In India, we have seen first-hand what weak, split, unaccountable leadership can do in the past few years. We have to start thinking harder about the leadership issue going ahead. Instead of saying “I will vote for Party X in the Lok Sabha elections because I have always done so in the past”, we need to start looking at the leader and then decide the party we want to vote for. In other words, 2014 needs to become much more ‘Presidential’ (as in the US context) in India. That is what can create the wave and take India a step towards better governance.

For this to happen, it does not require 100% of the voting population to change their minds. If just 10% of us come together through a formation like United Voters of India, we can change the course of this country and play our role in Transforming India.

2 thoughts on “Transforming India: Voting for Leaders

  1. Hi Rajesh,
    If only the BJP can muster the courage (and stop the infighting) and announce Narendra Modi as their prime ministerial candidate, I think that there would be a massive pro-BJP wave in the next general elections. With this strong mandate for the BJP, we will then get the 5 (or 10) years to completely transform the nation. We will also need to come up with a grass roots movement (similar to the first Obama campaign) to undo the effects of all the dirt that’s been thrown at Narendra Modi’s image for the last decade.

    Best regards,
    – Vinod.

  2. Rajesh’s argument is self defeating!

    What happens when leaders are good but the flock is bad, and when the leader is not able to keep its folk under control, like during the heady days of the Vajpayee era when the Vanara Sena was at the peak of its dancing skills?

    The leader is then forced to speak in tongues, a sorry state of affairs. What is the guarantee that when voted back to power the same Vanara Sena or the Sons of the Sena will remain quiet? Modi, or boudi not withstanding???

    As to the BJP coming to power, given the known weaknesses of the Congress alliance, it still looks like a pipe dream, I am bound to favor a third and unknown cropping up.

    If it be Anna’s munna’s so be it. They too need to figure out that the art of governance is not learnt at the Ram Lila or whatever maidan they dance in.

    Rajesh should realise that the emergence of the leaders he quotes does not happen in a vacuum, the situation gives rise to the leader (read the historical background which gave rise to these leaders) and if the nation’s luck plays well, the leadership turns out to be sound and fruitful to the nation at large.

    The fascination that draws him to strong leaders Like Lee and Ping is the same fascination that takes Rajesh to the BJP and one should read it more as character weakness than the moral sense of purpose that Rajesh self admits it to be.

    One can look into the mirror and admire oneself, but to do it repeatedly is more narcissism than anything else.

    Strong leadership comes with its own foibles, and certain areas of clear blindsight, the massacre of the millions of China does not make an appearance in Rajesh’s eyes.

    If you want to have your blood curdle and your body shake with anger read this ->

    What is the guarantee that this will not happen under a strong and enlightened leader in India? One Imagines India as a nation blessed simply because such demons do not exist!

    Beyond that basic weakness, the argument is sound, at least from the outside. Take care to elect good leaders, cross your fingers and hope they don’t spoil in the interim and well there is hope…

    All this Modi pampering is going to help neither Rajesh nor Modi, and as far as we can see his bext chance of Prime Minstership can be by proxy only, not more.

    If he can do well there, and better than what Sonia is doing, (not a good base line, still), then good luck to him.