Activated 3G

I finally got around to activating 3G on Vodafone. I had tried the demo last year and was disappointed. But now that all the network issues seem to have been resolved, I decided to give it another try. So far, so good. For the first month, I decided to try the Rs 850 for 3GB data plan, and see what all I’d like to do on my phone without worrying about data consumption. Then, will probably move to a lower plan if I find the data consumption isn’t that much.

Video is where the 3G experience really makes a difference. For general browsing, while it does seem faster, the difference is not that big since most sites do now have lighter mobile versions.

What do you use 3G for?

6 thoughts on “Activated 3G

  1. I have used 3G (only non-wifi option on ipad2) for various apps and some modest gaming. I find the coverage to be very patchy and see a noticeable impact on battery life. Unfortunately I have reverted to on-again-off again practice for 3G to make it through a day on my iphone (Airtel) and ipad (Voda).

  2. Not sure if you are aware but Vodafone has a great plan. Its the 1GB 3G plan which, for 1000 bucks, gives you 1GB 3G data, 1000 minutes of local/STD calls and 1000 local/national SMS which is really VFM 🙂

  3. For a geek like me my daily bandwidth usage of internet is approx. 12 GB per day.
    I am not yet using 3G because I find the rates ridiculous . I have iPad WiFi only and once tried using tethering it with my mobile phone. I end up using around 2-3 GB per day that way. Still pretty much unaffordable.

    My blood boils to see how we botched upa a great opportunity for data driven services by auctioning 3G spectrum so mindlessly.

  4. 3G is worthless with the current coverage. Get a Mobile Wifi access point instead and connect your devices via Wifi to the access point. That will be more reliable with better coverage.