Assembly Elections – Part 9

Besides the obvious elements that the BJP needs (mass leader and an aspirational agenda, to start with), I think that the BJP also needs to craft a new political model keeping in mind the federal structure of India.

The existing approach that the BJP has will probably limit it to a maximum of 200 seats in the best case scenario. (BJP’s previous best at the national level is 182 seats.) Even a national wave for the BJP is unlikely to propel the BJP close to 272 because it is almost non-existent in four key states in India.

A figure of 200 still leaves it 72 seats short of a majority, and it will then entail taking support of 4-5 parties (including allies). That by itself may not help with governance given that key ministries will be given out, and any ally could put a stop to any decision it doesn’t agree with. (Case in point: TMC in UPA 2.)

So, is it possible to create a new construct in India’s political sphere that can get the BJP past 272 on its own?

2 thoughts on “Assembly Elections – Part 9

  1. leave the temple behind and sing the development tune. In my limited view, BJP has the leaders to take the country to the next level but it keeps getting bogged down by the RSS and Hindutva agenda. They should leave behind the hawks & divisive ideas behind and fight elections for of one brighter and stronger India.

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