Assembly Elections – Part 10

What the BJP needs to propose to its allies and potential partners is a two-pronged electoral model where BJP contests seats in urban areas in states even where the alliance partner is strong. For the alliance partner to agree to such a proposal, there must be a visible national wave for the BJP so that the partner also benefits across the state.

This will open up new opportunities for the BJP in states like TN, AP and WB with potential partners like AIADMK, TDP and TMC. In these states, the BJP could add 30-40 additional seats.

Such a dual relationship would create a stronger lock between the BJP and its alliance partner as is there in Punjab.

Admittedly, this idea may be far-fetched. But the time has come to think hard about out-of-the-box solutions to India’s political and policy challenge. All our futures are at stake.

2 thoughts on “Assembly Elections – Part 10

  1. after the euphoric win in the last elections, congress has been in the doldrums literally, moving everywhere but forward. it would require a miracle for it to win the next elections, and should be deemed a miracle if it wins.

    manmohan, sonia, pranab and the lot have managed to take the country backward by the simple act of standing still and letting the waters take them where they would.

    what a waste of people’s aspirations? and votes!

    the very act of making pranab finance minister seems a throwback to the days of the license raj and stalled growth. to keep him as finance minister for so long is even more stultifying. promoting him to president will probably throw the country into torpor.

    given the situation as of today, the bjp seems to have the upper hand.

    at the national level, the bjp’s call is likely to be seductive for the ordinary voter, only if the bjp can decide within itself as to who will blow the conch and the manner it will be blown. if they are going to harp on hindutva again, god help them…

    the major problem for the bjp is the lack of good, aspirational, voter friendly leadership.

    advani was and remains a national buffoon, as regards the others there is little to commend.

    gadkari has had the chance to rejuvenate the party, and to give it a clear even fresh direction, but he has chosen to do a manmohan. what is it about the bjp that it fails to generate bold, charismatic leaders?

    it is clear that the bjp needs another, more aspirational leader and who is not of the current crop of rotten apples, modi, jetlee and the types.

    one that is modern, can appeal to the youth, and can articulate the hunger of a nation yearning for a faster pace of growth.

    where will that leader come from? perhaps the bjp will need an internal referendum, one in which the current crop can only participate as observers.

    impractical i know, but nothing wrong about dreaming, is it?

    a national leader with a national agenda…

    one understands rajesh’s agony, which ever way you turn, there are only flops and leftovers. for an India intent on growing decently and fast, we are under served by what passes off as political leadership, anna hazare and ramdev included.

    the more realistic post election scenario is that there is trouble looming ahead, with regional satraps dictating national terms. if karunanidhi and his coteries were bad, then jayalalitha will be worse.

    if the former was about making money, the latter will be about growing her ego, all the money she needs is already with her, by means which the courts continue to be curious about.

    the same applies to mamata and the other usual suspects, with their larger than life ambitions.

    thank god mayamma is gone, if a chief minister continues to play statue, it is only apt she be sent back to high school.

    these are people with no real development agenda sans that of self development, no national imagination or foresight, whose only virtues are political grandstanding and grandiose notions of revenge, people who have no business to straddle the national stage, much less poison it with their pettiness.

    heaven save us from these, and see fit to throw up another leader.

    all current leaders, including the gandhi family, please sit down, others please!!!!

    as a nation we are really starved for leadership! and another election comes, like rajesh i wonder if that will become another missed opportunity.

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