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Reversing India’s Darkening Outlook – Part 4

March 29th, 2012 · 5 Comments


I have written in the past about the need for a single party to get to 275 seats in the Lok Sabha in the next election so we can get to the business of governance without being constrained by regional satraps wanting their say in every policy. I don’t think I went far enough in outlining what it will take to transform India’s policy future.

First, we need a massive wave of anti-Congressism. People in India need to realise that the real enemy of economic growth is the current Congress. It is their policies through the decades under the dynasty that have kept India poor. This doesn’t seem obvious to many voters since they still keep voting for the Congress in large numbers.

Second, we need to put our faith in a leader who has demonstrated leadership and delivered results in the past decade. That leader is Narendra Modi. Gujarat’s model of governance and development needs to be replicated at a national level if India has to get out of this trap of sub-standard performance.

In this context, it is worth reading what William Antholis of the Brookings Institute wrote recently about Modi after a meeting:

In person, Modi comes across as an effective administrator, a proud Indian nationalist, and a committed if not zealous Hindu. He also is a policy maven—introverted, precise, and even passionate about the most technical of subjects. On almost all of these issues, his Gujarat is pushing, not following, New Delhi and India.

…he is a talented and effective political leader, and will continue pushing New Delhi and not following. He has successfully tackled some of India’s toughest problems, but also has touched its most sensitive nerves. He is wrestling with major global challenges, with all the complexities that implies for a man with strong nationalist convictions. One thing is certain— he will continue to be a force in Indian politics.”

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  • 1 indian // Mar 29, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Dear Rajesh,

    Before you start a wave of anti congress etc. please take sometime out and mention in your blog.10 economic and 10 foriegn policies, initiative of NDA government different from previous Congress governement.

    And only 5- just 5 economic policies that UPA is not following or overturned it of NDA.

    I know these comments wouldn’t value to you or your good friend from US. but seriously if you could just point out these policy diffrences it would be worth.

  • 2 Deepak Sharma // Mar 30, 2012 at 12:15 am

    really good info…….

  • 3 missedcall // Mar 30, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Rajesh’s anxiety for the nation is understandable, but for his championing of Modi, which makes his intentions a trifle suspect.

    A Modi a day so that the nation does not fade away, this seems Rajesh’s mantra.

    Modi may be God to Rajesh, but for many Indians who may or may not have heard of his administrative and other unGodhra like capabilities, he will forever remain the god of Asuras.

    If he could have his way, Rajesh would have had cloned Modi, so that we could have cloned Modis installed in all the state capitals, and had hosannas sung to him on all occasions or even thrice a day as temples do to their inhabitants.

    I tend to think that Gujarat’s development is perhaps Modi’s way of saying sorry to the Indian populace at large, which turns out to be a good thing, like in the case of Valmiki, a professional robber who ended up writing the Ramayana.


    My God, haven’t modern day Nero’s become sophisticated, their hearts go awry for some time, like when Godhra happens, then it reverts back to normal, and we should accept their claim of temporary insanity.

    Modish things aside, Rajesh has a point, that India needs to get on, that the central government that looks a mockery of its self with every passing day, needs to go while it still has some respect.

    MMS and SG seemed to have given up rowing in midstream, and their only advantage is the lack of a credible opposition.

    Pranabda is the man on their pirate flag, which gives you an idea of how much pirates they are or can be.

    Congress seem to have made Pranabda their MODI, the epitome of all things Congress, the reason why, according to Rajesh, the nation is languishing in the wilderness.

    Do I sympathise…

    On the other side, the BJP has had its own set of (ir)responsible jokers with their hands inside the most insidious scandals, while some were busy looting iron ores, while there are others who need a check on their public mores, the nation got to know recently that the BJP has technically competent MLA’s who feel that there is much better entertainment on the Internet than Yeddy’s monkey tricks, and more importantly, can find it.

    Can’t blame them though!

    Too much Yeddy makes politics muddy, when last heard of, he was circling some resort with his tail on fire, imagining himself some modern day Hanuman and the resort some modern Lanka. We are unaware as to the identity of his Sita which hides in this resort.

    True, the BJP notional party (you will soon see why notional instead of national) have been able to assail the government every now and then, but as always with the BJP, its regional leaders with no sense of the nation tend to pull it down.

    Parochialism is built into their blood, if it is not Hindu, it is Kannada, or Gujarati.

    Parochialism , is inbuilt into every BJPyan’s blood and it is ready to feel for anything that is limited, Indianness, Kannadiganess, Gujaratness, it is all the same to them. Not for them the concept of the world as a family.

    You can convince a BJPyan of any parochial notions and he will be raring to go, like a dog that has smelt fresh quarry. I wonder if there is a parochialism gene, if so most BJPyans will have it.

    Bet on it!

    One Gujarat shining only accentuates that parochial feeling, why the hell in these so many years, did the BJP not convene a central committee on economic affairs and have a well thought out policy for all their governed states.

    If they have one the JetLees do not think it important to talk about them, they are busy bad mouthing the government which they think is sufficient opposition. A pitiable bunch of jokers who call themselves national leaders.

    Now imagine if the BJP has a national economic agenda, and had talked about it. Then there would have been a fighting chance for the BJP to claim that it has a development plan that is different from the Congress, as another commenter “Indian” pointed out.

    The truth is that the BJP as a notional party has no real control over their barons, in fact in the BJP there are strong local barons and weak central leadership, if there is any. ‘

    In fact it is common knowledge that the central BJP leadership consume tons of anti diarrhea pills before it ventures out to a meeting with Modi.

    More importantly, their Indian passport is not enough to meet Modi in Gujarat, they need a Modi-fied visa. No wonder then that they have a visa scheme for Modi to visit Delhi.

    I am not sure if this sorry scenario extends to other regional satraps too.

    In other words, it does not matter that the BJP is in power in the states they govern, they could all go off tomorrow and assume their own names, and nothing would change.

    The BJP in giving too much of its identity to its regional satraps, does not really qualify to be a national force, how much ever states they capture.

    We simply need another national party, and Rajesh does neither have the courage or the determination to pursue such a course.

  • 4 wino dino // Mar 30, 2012 at 4:12 am

    more fun from the FO BJO site

    make this guy a “minister of state” at least, he deserves it, the bugger resigned his job to work for what did we call them, airheads….


    BJP can but India can not take burden of any rule other than NDA

    (—} what the hell does he mean???)

    Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 08/28/2011 – 17:03.

    Dear Author
    you have aptly put your words of your great analysis. We must work with above thing in mind.

    Also I request BJP and its supporter that BJP can sustain to be in opposition for next five year after next election but India can not take that burden! What so ever and how so ever BJP have to come in centre with their proper alliance. And for the same reason UP election is very important. I have taken my decision to work full time before and during election, already resigned Job.

    I appeal to every one please control the outcome.


    his anguish is understandable, but I dont understand the urgency of him quitting his job, when the higher ranks of the BJP are already full with people looking for reasonable employment….without a job, as they say in Jharkhandese
    and surprise, another person waiting to join the ranks…of the unemployed

    i joine bjp
    Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/05/2011 – 12:11.

    Dear Sir /Madam
    I Am Ram Naresh Chauhan
    Please Joine me Bjp org. All meeting & Any rely so i hope
    Contect me my mobile no is 9818995516
    Warm Regard
    Ram Naresh chauhan

    Finally there are guys that dare to put their names, and mobile numbers,

    I was beginning to think that the FO BJP site was an Aunt Jane kind of site, where you write about your secret, personal problems, like this….

    Aunt Jane, my pet cat died of dysmenhorrea, do you think it is contagious – eagerly awaiting your reply, Anonymous

    Anyway, no more watching Cyrus, this site is rib tickling enough.

    Rajesh, you still on the editorial board???

    were you the one who wrote that kakis whatever thing,,,,’

    awesome, man awesome…

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