Reversing India’s Darkening Outlook – Part 5

Third, we the people of Urban Middle India have to come together in a way that has never happened before. We have the technologies to make it happen – mobile and social networks. We have the reason to make it happen – our future, along with that of our children. We have a leader who can bring about real change in Narendra Modi. If we don’t do it now, when will we?

India needs to outgrow its love for the Congress and the Gandhi-Nehru family. The BJP itself has not covered itself in glory as a compelling national alternative. But in Modi, there is a person who can lead and deliver the India we envision. And for that, if one has to support the BJP as the alternative, so be it. The next election has to be a wave election – because we want a leader whom we believe can truly transform India. And we have a give him a mandate that will allow him to govern. Change has to start with us. Our vote, our volunteerism, our support is what can create the India of our dreams.

5 thoughts on “Reversing India’s Darkening Outlook – Part 5

  1. What are Sri Modi’s plans? In particular, what does he plan to reduce the power of the control & exploit format of governance? Since 2014 election is almost upon us, I think it is about time to start rolling on communication about these issues. Thanks.

  2. Rajesh Ji,

    Agreed about Mr. Modi but are you sure that BJP will project him as the PM candidate for 2014?

  3. gee,

    the knives are out, all praise to Narendra Modi, the chosen one.

    Will he be the Viagra that the BJP needs, and will all that Viagra help or work, if the RSS Uncles fails to let the BJP’s chastity belt go. To a suitor who it considers too haute to its commoner jattiwala modes, a leader who is unwelcome but needs to be tolerated.

    Given the chance that RSS Uncles will not let the chastity belt go, will Narendra Modi and his supporters need to wean off the erection in ways familiar to Advani and other bachelors horny?

    Is Rajesh backing the wrong horse, as history has proved many a time. Or will the team rewrite history?

    God knows, good luck to Rajesh and the horse he wishes to ride to power, Narendra Modi, very much another Alexander’s horse Bucephalus?

    Rajesh should watch his behind, ass is the word more commonly used.

  4. I do share your concerns, but on Narendra bhai modi, I’m still like a doubting Thomas.

    Allow me to share few points, which I gathered from reading on internet.

    1) Modi enjoys almost autocratic control, due to majority he has in assembly. When he is in control, he implements JyotiGram, Check-Dams & etc.,

    Remove it & you’d see a different man.
    When he couldn’t handle Sanjay Joshi, he abstained from UP elections.
    When he couldn’t mend fences with Nithish Kumar, he abstained…
    How would he handle a coalition, with quarelling spinsters?….

    2) Modi is a Draupadi of 5 Pandavas (Ruia’s, Ambani, Tata, Adani & Mehta’s of Torrent Power)
    He caters well for big-ticket investments, might be more than needed.
    It’s a question mark.

    3) Modi has still not grasped Rajadharma, Vajpayee asked him in 2002.
    Ignoring 2002 incident (It is played against him a bit too much), he can do better than what is PR agencies are doing today.
    Wearing a Salaam Cap or holding Ifthaar wouldn’t harm much, does it?