Blog Past: Indian Elections Data

We have finally begun this project that I had written about a year ago:

I was looking for data on past Indian elections – Lok Sabha and Assembly elections over the past 10 years. One obvious source is of course the Election Commission site but what they have is mostly PDFs and some XLS files (could not find XLS files for 2009-2011 Assembly elections). I am looking for the following:

  • a website where I can do drill-down analysis , at the constituency level, see how the voting patterns have changed across Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in a particular constituency
  • Raw XLS files for all Lok Sabha and Assembly elections from 1998 onwards (including the most recent ones). Like I said, the EC website doesn’t seem to have the last three years assembly elections XLS
  • visualisation software recommendations that can help present the data in a way that can support decision-making

Any recommendations? Would any one of you be willing to work together with me to help create this by aggregating bits that are available?

My goal is to make a site that has all the info readily available for analysis and comparison. It will allow us to see how voting patterns have changed in India. Ideally, we should overlay this with socio-economic data at the constituency level.  If something exists, I’d like to see it. Else, let us work together to create it!

7 thoughts on “Blog Past: Indian Elections Data

  1. Have been meaning to tale this up ad a personal project for years. Good to know you are pursuing this.

    Would like to volunteer time on this project. Let me know if you need help.


  2. Dear Rajesh,
    Met you in Delhi few months back. Am fairly good with excels so I guess I will be useful. Do let me know.


  3. Sounds like a good idea. Probably, all these TV channels would be a good place since they do have tonnes of data organised in some way.

  4. Hi Rajesh

    willing to work as volunteer for this project, do let me know the details.


  5. Hello Mr. Jain,

    I love psephology and I spend considerable amount of time during elections to come up with data myself and predict the results in a broad way. From 1989 I have been following election results and I am quite passionate about it. This is ofcourse just as fun because I love to predict election results at a broad level. Your idea is lovely and I think for people like us it would be a wonderful tool. I run my own web development company and would love to work with you on this project. Please let me know how I can contact you to take this forward.

    I await your response.


  6. Forthcoming is the tentatively-titled book How India Votes which uses data on voting patterns to glean key sociological insights. Additionally, we aim to create a publically accessible, pan-India, interactive database for disaggregated Parliamentary, State, Municipal and Panchayat election results.