Working across Time Horizons – Part 5

Here are a few starting thoughts on how to create a multi-horizon personal plan:

  • Start by writing your obituary
  • Based on that, decide on 2-3 key things you’d like to get down in the next 1-2-3 years
  • Get out of the comfort zone. This is perhaps the most important mental decision that needs to be made.  It is much easier to make today like yesterday, and tomorrow like today. Determining one has to change is sometimes harder than the process of change itself.
  • Start allocating some time today for these activities. One of them could be to focus on health. That would mean a 30-minute spend daily on either walking, gym or yoga. The benefits of these will accrue in the future, but the work needs to start today.
  • Try and meet with people outside the regular set that you would otherwise meet. Attend conferences or talks that are not directly related to the immediate future. Read books which are different. All of this is about changing the current context to something that spurs a different line of thinking.
  • Do a review every few months to see how you are doing, and course correct as needed.
  • Above all, think like an entrepreneur and as a CEO of a startup. Don’t worry about failure. Focus on the journey.

4 thoughts on “Working across Time Horizons – Part 5

  1. Rajesh,

    I am waking up around 4.30 and do little yoga and meditation mostly @ regular interval. I could able to break so many patterns.. Comfort zone is once again pattern. Unless and until you list the pattern it is very difficult to come out of it. Mind is very sharp in cheating us.

    For example last few days i tried not sitting in office same chair. May be it sound funny. But trust me, sitting among with employees so many bottlenecks i could able to have look at it.

    Full night not sleeping around 6-8 hrs deep meditation broken so many patterns.

    Since you have mentioned about some different reading, i thought of suggesting the following books..

    I read it recently, got absolutely taken by that..

    After seeing your blog, i thought of sharing my experience with humbleness. I am glad if any of these would make sense to you and help in achieving in whatever you want to do.. Thanks..