Transforming India Speech – Part 4

Policy change is not going to happen   until we have political change.    India needs a new leadership.   India needs new politicians who believe in these new objectives —   good governance and development.

Policy change  needs the politicians in India to change.   And that will only happen through one way – changing people’s voting behavior.

India is a democracy at the end of the day.    We get a chance to elect our leaders every few years.  The ballot box is the way the change needs to be done.   Middle India, for the most part, doesn’t bother to go out and vote.  It’s probably about 20-25% of people in middle India who actually go and vote.   You know a long time ago, there was  an apocryphal  story in which someone asked Laloo Prasad Yadav, who stayed as  the chief minister of Bihar,one of the poorer states of India  for about 15 years, “How do you think you got   re-elected?  You kept getting re-elected  without even  doing any substantial work”.    He said,  “It is not the people who vote for me;    it is the people who don’t vote for me who have kept me in power.”

They did not vote against him, and that’s the reality again and again in India.   That needs to change.

5 thoughts on “Transforming India Speech – Part 4

  1. Hello Rajesh,

    Very well said. In India it’s not the people who vote but the people who do not vote but sit in AC rooms who elect the government’s.


  2. Nice story,

    Yes, the apathy was rampant, earlier.

    People however are changing, at the ones who can, precisely because they can. This was a luxury that was not available ten years back, when the likes of Laloo ruled the day.

    Meanwhile notice that the mood in the country is changing, now that Pranab, who induced the greatest economic sulk that the country has hitherto known, has moved up in life to impose his brand of sulk on the nation overall.

    If the current incumbent is described as dour, I wonder what word could we use for the incoming President? Now I am sure that the gardens in Rashtrapathi Bhavan will now begin to wither….

    Thank God for the timing of the Presidential election, the man looked like he would never go away.

    If only this Congress government can seize the moment, and bring back the reformers, there could be still something to salvage.

    Like a growing child, India needs space to play its economic instincts out, and Pranab was the greatest muffler any old aunt could prescribe.

    With his going, India is celebrating, and the share market is showing the way.

    Reminds me of the story of the pious husband who had many holy days during which he had to be chaste. The frustrated wife soon ran off with a pirate, and found that there were no holidays nor need for any piety at sea.

    India needed to run off from Pranab and his stultifying economic sense, and his creepy shuffly policy moves.

    With him gone, it is time to find a pirate and a sea with the minimal of rules. Let the bold play the day. And to that discovery. let us pray!!!!

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