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Airport Dysfunctions – 1

August 6th, 2012 · 10 Comments

I have been taking many flights on work of late. While the on-time arrival of flights has improved, many procedures at our airports hark back to a different era or are simply illogical. Of course, everything goes in the name of security so no one will have the courage to make any changes, but that doesn’t make them any more right.

The silly stupidities we go through at airports are probably replicated at many other places. Take for example all the scanners we have installed at malls, hotels and random other places creating an illusion of security. They serve absolutely no purpose – like the question “Are you carrying a satellite phone?” in the customs form at airports.

What is needed is for us to think of how we can make things better.  Just because things have been done in a certain way doesn’t mean they have to be that way for the future also.

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