Croma and Invertising

Continuing the thread on my experience in buying the Lenovo Ideapad S10, I walked in and out of Croma without them attempting to build a relationship with me. They could have used Invertising (which we offer to our enterprise customer base) to reduce the cost of next contact with me and build a hotline with me. The should have asked me to sms a START CROMA to opt-in to a channel which would provide periodic updates on new products, special offers, etc. I am as interested in getting the info from them as they are in sending it to me. But now, they have no clue who I am wven though I spent Rs 25,000 with them. I want to “invite advertising” from Croma into my life. An SMS once a week would have the ideal way for them to connect to me — along with giving me the option to opt-out at any time.

This is what retailers, brand owners and others need to think of. Every customer walking in to their store has a mobile in their hands. How can retailers like Croma delight them with information that they want? This is the magic of Invertising.

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