TECH TALK: News Refinery: News Refining Process

News Pages are the Ore. We are then setting up a complete refining process to remove the junk from these pages so we can get to the “metal”. The components of the Refinery are:

Thus, at this time, we have 3 databases: the URL database for botting, Headlines, Stories.

Then, we come to the Analytics.

Business Model

I have not thought of how one makes money from this. But the most likely thing is to make into a subscription service (a News Portal) for use of the advanced features. It’s a service which will grow on people. Like Google. No one likes to miss out on a story. People also like to share stories and be the first to share them. We all email interesting stories to friends. After email and instant messaging (both falling in the communications category), news and information is what we access most often on the Web. There is so much of it out there, but so little structure to it all.

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