TECH TALK:The Intelligent Enterprise: Integrating CRM, SCM, EIP: Customer-Centric Thinking

An enterprise needs to put the customer at the centre of its thinking. This will allow it to identify a customer’s specific needs and offer 1:1 personalised marketing (“mass customisation”), deliver efficient and standardized customer service and be able to identify its most profitable customers. All of this should help increase customer retention, which in turn should cut costs and boost revenue.

What are the technologies which make CRM possible?

An enterprise needs to build/adapt its processes around customers. Technology can only be an enabler – the bigger challenge lies within. Enterprises need to truly understand where value lies. This clarity will help in defining the business rules to respond to specific events relating to the customer.

An excerpt from a recent Economist survey on E-Management on lessons learnt by companies that want to use the Internet to manage customer relations:

One [lesson] is that companies which thought of every sale as a separate transaction will increasingly make money not from a first sale but from repeat business. This implies creating a continuing relationship with the customer, such as service providers usually enjoy. A second lesson is the importance of being able to involve the customer in development, design and market research. A third is the need for speed: the Internet, with its round-the-clock, round-the-week availability, raises customer expectationsThe close contact with the customer fostered by the Internet is the most valuable commercial advantage a business can have.

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