Jabber and Blog Notification

DJ Adams has built on the BlogToaster idea (real-time IM-based notification when one’s favourite blogs are updated):

I put together an experimental bit of code which reflects this mechanism out into Jabber plasma. It’s a pubsub concentrator that sits in front of Simon’s Subscriber Interface and allows any app that can send and receive simple Jabber packets to request and receive weblogs.com-based update pings via this subscriber interface.

This new mechanism abstracts the Subscriber Interface out and allows many subscribers to share one subscription connection. Publish/Subscribe. One publisher, many subscribers. The publisher, in this case the Subscriber Interface, only has to send out one SOAPy ping per updated weblog URL to reach potentially many notification recipients (subscribers).

So rather than reproduce a blogToaster-like mechanism, I thought I’d have a go at putting together a mini-infrastructure on top of which lots of different blogToaster-like mechanisms could be built.

DJ Adams is the author of O’Reilly’s “Programming Jabber” book.

We definitely need to look at this and see how it can be integrated into BlogStreet.

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