Linux for Residential Gateways

Why Linux is Becoming the Residential Gateway Platform of Choice is an important article in the context of using Thick Servers in buildings (with Thin Clients in homes) as a way to create a much bigger consumer market for consumers:

There are many reasons for the accelerating trend to move Residential Gateway (RG) products to Linux-based platforms. These RG products include traditional router/gateway, firewall, and low-end functions that were handled by a proprietary RTOS, as well as new devices needing Virtual Private Network (VPN) support, Voice-Over-‘X’, and other value-add features.

Built as a networking operating system from the ground-up, Linux caters to a range of communication products throughout the embedded sector. An open system compliant with international standards, Linux is ideally suited for retrofit to existing boxes, and as a scalable OS platform for the emergent networking products of tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.