DaveNet: A New Beginning

Writes Dave Winer:

From this point we’ll get much better information about how companies are doing. Stock options as we knew them, are over. Salaries and benefits matter. Transparent management. Time to ride the Cluetrain, for real. Companies must make identifiable products for real people that they communicate with honestly, directly and openly. You can’t view your customers, shareholders or readers as fat, dumb and happy; or they’ll take you down the Enron-WorldCom road. It’s time for the philosophy of the Web to become the philosophy of business. View your constituents as people with minds, and treat them accordingly.

The world needs to look at the lives of the other 4 billion people living in developing markets. There’s plenty of opportunity there, but the price points and solutions have to be different. This is where a new beginning needs to be made.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.