Digital Dashboard: Way Forward

We’ve made good progress on the RSS Aggregator. Deletion of entries also works. Have a problem with some duplicates coming in, but that should be solvable. The next step now is to deploy it within our company, so that people can create their own blogs. So, the next steps are:

– Add a Blogging tool (we could start initially with MovableType, and later either write our own, or use an open source blogging software)
– Improve the look of the RSS Aggregator
– Create a News Aggregator with support for the top 50-odd sites, so people have a daily collection of news to look at in the Aggregator
– Support multiple pages, so I can categorise RSS feeds
– Enable formation of multi-author blogs (group blogs) by aggregating feeds from different categories from people’s blogs
– Enable access control so I can restrict who can see my blog and RSS feeds. This should integrate with LDAP also.
– Source events from other places eg. Calendar, Mail, etc.
– Think about how to filter RSS entries and post directly to the blog

Finally, be able to put together a hosted blogging and RSS Aggregation service, with integration with BlogStreet to provide a seamless information flow. Its a concept I call “Information Refinery” — it needs a picture to describe it in more detail. Will do so soon.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.