Technology Marches On

Writes NYT – Technology Climate Is Gloomy, but Its Future Still Seems Bright:

Over the long haul, the technology sector will generate more than its share of business opportunity and economic growth – as it has since the 1960’s, when computers appeared in big companies, universities and government agencies. Sure, excess capacity and price-cutting make the current business environment brutal for the producers. But not for the consumers. The numbers for the technology in use worldwide %u2014 personal computers, cellphones, handhelds, digital cameras, DVD players, MP3 music players and households online – all continue to grow apace.

And the expansion of the technology goes beyond digital devices. Increasingly, computer science has spilled over into other fields. Computing has helped transform everything from the way scientists plumb the mysteries of biology, chemistry and physics to the way Detroit designs cars and Hollywood makes movies.

Dan Bricklin sums it up best: “The people who really have a love for this stuff the technology and what it can do never stop.”

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Rajesh Jain

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