TECH TALK: The Entrepreneurs Delights (Part 2)

1. A Sense of Possibility

For an entrepreneur, optimism abounds. Ideas dance like Wordsworths daffodils. It is an Open World. It is a world brimming with opportunities. There is a feeling that so much needs to be changed, and he is the person destined to bring about that revolution. Nothing seems impossible. Entrepreneurs have that unique ability to make the incredible so believable and achievable.

No mountain is too high to climb because it is not a mountain the first place. It becomes a series of small peaks. Where others may seem daunted by the height of the mountain, the entrepreneur keeps the top in sight, and, setting a continuing series of incrementally challenging goals, works to conquer small peaks.

This sense of possibility that theres so much to do and change about what exists today, that a different world needs to be created makes entrepreneurs come alive even in the toughest of times. It may be a Mission Impossible for others, but for the entrepreneur it is an Escape To Victory.

2. Tryst with Destiny

Entrepreneurs want their destiny under their control. They believe that they are solely responsible for how the future unfolds, and that their actions can indeed make a difference. They refuse to believe that things are pre-ordained, and yet, feel that the world can be made to conspire to help them.

When I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho a few months ago, what struck me about his fable of a shepherd is how closely it mirrored the journey of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur views the world through his (somewhat blinkered) lens and sees things that others dont and at times, misses the obvious things that others point out. The driving factor, like in Coelhos book, is about listening to the heart and living ones dream. It is about challenging and conquering destiny. It is about authoring the story of the future.

3. Certain Uncertainty

It is perhaps hard to imagine who would like unpredictability, but entrepreneurs seem to thrive on it. For them, each day is unique, with its own joys and delights. Yes, each day has its ups and downs, and entrepreneurs as a rule tend to have more down days than up days. But they somehow revel in this environment it tends to bring out the best in them. Surprises pleasant or otherwise are to them an integral part of the landscape.

It is this ability to adapt to the changing situations which helps entrepreneurs tackle even the toughest of challenges. They take Todays Unknowns in their stride. Progress happens only when problems are solved.

An entrepreneur accepts that while the vision and dream is definitely there, the script for the day needs to be crafted out dynamically and innovatively, based on what the situations demand. It is this desire for uncertainty that stifles entrepreneurs when they work in some of the larger enterprises, where each segment of the day is not only defined but needs to be adhered to.

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Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.