Microsoft’s Vision for Future Office

From Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter a view of how the (physical) office of tomorrow may look like:

Located on Microsoft’s Redmond campus, the center sports a main room with several desks, each with a different configuration of monitors. It’s dark and hushed — except for the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound booming out from concealed speakers and whooshing, “Star Wars” noises emitted whenever new information comes onscreen or is e-mailed away.

“Surround sound is going to be increasingly important in future offices,” says group marketing manager Tom Gruver in leading a tour of the new facility.

At one desk, users can move a wireless mouse’s pointer from the screen of one computer to the screen of a laptop, with no wire or wireless connection between the computers themselves. That allows copying or moving material between the computers, a task that would otherwise be more difficult.

In an adjoining, ultramodern meeting room, visitors — expected to number about 1,000 corporate executives per month — can role-play workers in a hard-charging widget company, striving to nail down production of a new model before the company’s chief executives goes on television for an interview.

In the article, there is a nice picture of a largish concave screen called Broadbench, which is presumably the type of display we can all expect.

As the article notes in the beginning, most of these technologies are 5+ years away.

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