Predictions from Tech’s Thinkers

From the WSJ comes an analysis of some of the past predictions (along with some new ones) made by technology’s big thinkers. Here’s what one can expect in the future:

Nicholas Negroponte: Grass-roots wireless services could in some ways overtake traditional telecom operators.

Lester Thurow: Biotechnology advances will radically transform our world and our bodies.

Glover Ferguson: “Insight” is the next key to competitive advantage. [Mr. Ferguson says services will become commodities, too. Insight is essentially a breakthrough analysis of a situation you keep secret and use to beat rivals. So, a bank might see a baby crib purchase on a customer’s credit-card bill and know from previous analysis the majority of people buying cribs are having their first babies. There’s a predictable progression of needs and purchases, including a bigger home, life insurance and so on. The bank can exploit that knowledge to cater to the customer. But it needs to keep the insight to itself.]

Alan Nugent: Web services will come of age.

Peter Cochrane: Customers will take over local telecommunications.

Michael Earl: The Internet will ultimately be more about information than transactions.

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Rajesh Jain

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