Enterprise Events

One thing which has happened as we have been developing our ideas on the Digital Dashboard and Enterprise Software front is the emergence of events and information about events at the heart of the system. We had not actually planned it that way to begin with (perhaps because of inexperience) – the initial focus was more on aggregating information. Now, what is becoming clear is that the real value of the software needs to be in event management.

Events are either created because of some system-generated activity or a human action (thanks to Ramesh Jain for putting it so succintly). Much of our focus has been on the latter. An invoice is created, a cheque comes in, a customer call comes in – they all result in events being created.

When we will talk to SMEs, what we will need to explain to them is that events which they were managing manually can now be processed electronically by computers to assist in decision-making by providing a wider context around the events.

Some of the components we will need in this:
Information Refinery / Event Processing Unit (EPU): the brain
Digital Dashboard: for aggregating information and notifications
Event Horizon: to show the events as they happen
Information Visualiser: to enable “conversations with data” and drill-down
Feedback Loop: through Blogs and the RSS Aggregator

The underlying goal: a real-time enterprise.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.