Opera’s Phone Browser

Writes News.com:

Opera Software says it has finally solved the long-standing problem of reading big, bulky Web pages on tiny cell phone screens, posing a potential threat to both WAP and to Microsoft.

“We massage the content so that is fits onto the screen,” said Opera Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner of the company’s new small-screen rendering technology. “Some companies filter part of the content to make it fit onto a limited browser. But we’re putting a real browser on there, the same you have on the desktop.”

Opera’s new method cuts the scrolling in half by stacking the content of a Web page vertically. That way, surfers only have to scroll up and down to read it.

The company’s approach to Web browsing by cell phone and other small devices is just the latest strategy to overcome a difficult technological conundrum–how to access Web pages built for 17-inch desktop screens on cell phones that fit in shirt pockets.

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Rajesh Jain

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