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The Harrow Technology Report has an interesting collection of ideas for the next killer apps (which readers to the report wrote in). The report is worth subscribing to (it’s free). From the introduction:

In a recent issue, we explored how, in about eight years, commodity CPU chips may be running at 15,000 megahertz (15 gigahertz) and be powered by one-billion transistors. That’s some SERIOUS commodity computing power.

Considering that in Nov, 2002 the latest and greatest will be performing at 3,060 megahertz (3.06 gigahertz), and that most of us would be very hard-pressed to use all of that power (excluding scientific and power users, and gamers), I suggested that what we REALLY need to rekindle the “PC Revolution” is a set of new “Killer Apps;” their features will be SO compelling that, once again, we’ll all be on the edges of our seats waiting for the next notes of Moore’s Law to hit the shelves.

But what will those Killer Apps be? And so far, the software industry hasn’t come up with a new one for quite some time.

So I asked YOU what applications YOU think might again light up the PC world, so that your ideas might spur software developers in these direction. Your responses have been, well, ‘bountiful’ to say the least, and I’m going to share a selection of them with you here.

Some wonderful ideas to stir the imagination!

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