The Payoff for Investing in Poor Countries

Writes CK Prahalad and Allen Hammond: “By stimulating commerce and development at the bottom of the economic pyramid, MNCs could radically improve the lives of billions of people and help bring into being a more stable, less dangerous world. Achieving this goal does not require multinationals to spearhead global social development initiatives for charitable purposes. They need only act in their own self-interest, for there are enormous business benefits to be gained by entering developing markets. In fact, many innovative companies – entrepreneurial outfits and large, established enterprises alike – are already serving the world’s poor in ways that generate strong revenues, lead to greater operating efficiencies, and uncover new sources of innovation. For these companies – and those that follow their lead – building businesses aimed at the bottom of the pyramid promises to provide important competitive advantages as the twenty-first century unfolds.”

The article is excerpted from their article in the Harvard Business Review (September issue).

It is exactly what we want to do with Emergic – provide affordable computing and communications solutions for the bottom of the pyramid (the next markets).

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.