Forbes looks ahead to 2003

A series of articles looks at what’s coming in the year ahead. Among the various sections are Technology, IT and Telecom. Some of the quotes:

Arik Hesseldahl: The downturn the chip industry is just now rebounding from indicates a fundamental shift in how the industry will grow going forward.

Daniel Lyons: Look for something cool to come out of the new storage companies.

Victoria Murphy: Web services really do matter, and will bring huge benefits to users if standards like XML [Extensible Markup Language] are followed.

Michael Noer: The trend towards online games will eventually permanently alter the balance of power between hardware makers and software developers.

Dan Lyons: Web services won’t take off because nobody–including CIOs and IT managers–seems to know what Web services are.

Stephen Manes: If Gates and company don’t get way better at security in a big hurry, corporate customers may bolt to Linux.

Thomas Kellner: Wi-Fi’s exponential growth doesn’t mean it’s a money machine as well.

Scott Wolley: 2003 will see surprisingly fast growth in IP-based cable telephony.

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Rajesh Jain

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