Generation Gap in Media Consumption

Shrikant Patil makes an interesting point about we are becoming consumers of rich media but are unable to express ourselves using the same media:

Today’s children want to only see cable TV, surf the internet and are not interested in reading books, said the [library] owner. The only ones who subscribe to the library service anymore are the ones above 50.

In a historic joint discussion between Andy Grove and Steve Jobs at the Intel Sales Conference in January, Jobs brilliantly explained a similar situation, the big problem today is children consume a lot of video and rich media but are not able to express using the same media, a phenomena pretty much one way. We may disagree but cannot ignore, this will be the media of communication for the next generation, he added. The computer industry needs to build authoring tools, that are easy to use and allows the next generation to author and communicate using video. Steve showed us a number of video demos, making it very clear that Apple is a leader to make this a reality. I was extremely excited to note the significant role the PC has in making the next generation author and communicate using video, a industry designated mature and boring.

I definitely agree – there is so much more which needs to be done to make authoring and sharing of ideas and information easier. Blogs are the first step – they make mass publishing easier. Cellphones can enable moblogging. Digital cameras will make it easier to publish images. The future of computers lies not just in making faster processors but making them more integrated with our lives – both on the information consumption and production side. Computers need to enable the Two-Way Web.

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Rajesh Jain

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