Tech Continues to Burn Bright

Jeremy Allaire is leaving Macromedia and talks of the wonderful things happening in technology.

It’s a great time to be in this industry. So many positive things are happening. The experience of media and applications on the Internet is dramatically improving, mostly because of rich clients like Flash. The economic model of sharing applications and data is being revolutionized by web services. Consumer broadband is exploding (you may not know this, but broadband use grew 75% last year and will almost double this year despite a terrible economy). We’re seeing multi-hundred percent growth in wireless broadband using WiFi. Digital lifestyle devices such as digital cameras, video cameras, media PCs, and other Internet-connected consumer devices continue to grow. The role of Internet technology as an engine of social and economic change is still in its early phases.

Add to this the excitement of creating solutions for the next set of users of technology in emerging markets like India, leveraging some of the newest ideas.

Many analysts and commentators have been talking about technology having matured as an industry. I don’t think so. We are just getting started. Yes, the growth rates of some of the companies may have slowed, skewing the overall industry numbers. But in terms of new opportunities, the ability to make a difference and create startups, I think the opportunities are still immense. The key lies in looking beyond US, Europe and Japan.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.