Exchanging Ideas

A simple story with a profound and powerful message sent in by Jayesh Matani, who came across it “while arbitrarily surfing the book ‘Made to Lead’ By Col. Karan Kharab (at The Oxford Bookstore in Mumbai).”

Says Jayesh: “Its a small story about a conversation between a Father & Son – the father here is trying to explain the power of ‘Ideas Exchange’ context.”

The father asks his son – if I have a coin and you too have a coin, we exchange the coins among ourselves – whats left with each of us – the kid replied at once – we are left with one coin each.

The father continues, he then asks, if I have an idea and you too have an idea – we exchange our ideas – whats left with each of us – the kid – after a bit of
thinking , the son replies – we both have two ideas each.

This is what blogs are about. Sharing ideas, so we all end up richer.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.