Cold Tech List

Following up on my post about Cold Technologies, I came across this list in the recent issue of UBS Warbug’s weekly tech report of cold technologies that “have neutral revenue or even anti-revenue attributes”, as opposed to a hot technology which “has the potential to generate revs” :

1. ROI
2. Linux
3. China Supply Chain
4. Slammer
5. Security…Trustworthy computing
6. On Demand
7. IP Lawsuits
8. Spam…content filtering
9. Virtualization…CIM, Bluefin
10. UNE-P
11. Web Services
12. Blades
13. Batteries / Cooling
14. Tablet PCs + SPOT
15. Moore’s Law expires

Am surprised they didn’t add Outsourcing to India in the list (probably not a “tech”). Can think of a few more: VoIP, WiFi, Enterprise Software ASPs. Any other suggestions?

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