WiFi and Cellular on New Mobile Phones

Writes WSJ: “New Wi-Fi phones, expected to be available world-wide within the next 12 months, would allow users to connect to Wi-Fi networks, which can be 100 times as fast as even relatively speedy cellular-data connections. The phones could be used for everything from e-mailing to surfing the Web and downloading music, video or big files such as PowerPoint presentations, and making voice calls to boot. When the devices aren’t in the vicinity of Wi-Fi links, which are increasingly found in homes, offices, airports and cafes, users could switch over to traditional cellular services.”

These WiFi cellphones are expected to cost USD 500 and more. Samsung’s Nexio (USD 1,125) device connects to both WiFi and cellular networks.

Why in the world would anyone need 3G?


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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.