Bill Gates Interview

PC Magazine has an interview with Gates. A few quotes:

The common thread for everything I do is this idea of a Web-services architecture. What does that mean? It means taking components of software and systems and having them be self-describing, so that you can aim them, ask them what their capabilities are, and communicate with them using a standard protocol.

I use a tablet all the time. All my notes are on the tablet. The tablet is an incredible thing. I didn’t used to wear a watch. Now I have a SPOT watch, which I wear all the time. The watch is just a little thing to wear. Because it has my calendar, it knows when I’m going home and it knows that at that time there are about four pieces of traffic data that I care a lot about receiving. I can also check the Sonics and Trailblazer basketball scores by just clicking to see them…The effect of “glanceability” is very important with these watches. With a handheld today, you have to initiate a connection and you have huge latency.

[The consumer software market isn’t doing that well.] If you benchmark it by evaluating the number of apps that you buy per PC or that you use per PC, it hasn’t grown for many years. It grew in absolute terms because PCs went up, but that per-PC number is an issue.

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