Microsoft’s Connectix Deal

Connectix is a virtual machine software company, much like VMware. Microsoft acquired a part of their business which, according to Adds, makes “software that lets a single computer perform like several independent computers running their own operating systems. It makes client software that permits Windows to run on a Macintosh, and server software that has yet to be released.” This is important because Microsoft will soon end support for Windows 95, 98 and NT4. Writes

The ability to consolidate Windows NT 4 servers is “a pretty powerful concept,” said Al Gillen, an analyst with IDC. “This scenario is that customers can run their NT 4 applications on modern hardware, and not be saddled with the support of older systems. Microsoft has for some time been talking about how Windows Server 2003 will be such a good platform for moving NT 4 customers. The fact that (Microsoft is) talking about that confirms that they are having a hard time moving these customers.”

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