BlogStreet – Community and Analytics

We were discussing the strategy we should take with BlogStreet. Veer identified two possible approaches: we can focus on current affairs (like Blogdex, Daypop) or on Analytics (like what we are presently doing). In Analytics, we can take two approaches – the algorithm-driven approach (along the lines of what we do now), or make it community-enabled (what we intend to do soon).

The discussion thus helped in clarify how we want to grow BlogStreet – based on community-enabled blog analytics. Create profiles of bloggers, their expertise areas, categories, identify clusters, even perhaps trends among bloggers. More of a social network orientation. Essentially, emphasise on the most important element in the blogosphere – the bloggers, their expertise and relationships.

We started work on BlogStreet about 9 months ago. At that time, it seemed like a good idea to do “something in the world of blogs”. BlogStreet has achieved a small niche so far, and we hope it can continue to be useful in the times to come.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.