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Stata Labs announced e-mail software and a spam-filtering program that aim to make in-box searches easier and less time-consuming. The e-mail program, called Bloomba, is available in a test version.

“We’re targeting those 40 million workers who spend more than two hours a day on e-mail,” said Raymie Stata, chief technology officer of Stata Labs. “Our long-term goal is to kill off folders as the dominant (means) for organization.”

I have already killed off folders and most of spam. Here’s what I have done:

– server-side filters split email into 3 incoming folders, based on whether one of the email addresses I use is mentioned in the From or To field, and in some cases the sender’s email domain. Spam mostly ends up in one of the other folders. Has cut spam by 95% or so. [I also make sure I don’t put my email ID on any web page.] Time to setup: 10 minutes (including filters thinking time!)

– Have just kept one folder now, where I save all messages that I need. No thinking about which folder I need to file a message into (and later, trying to figure out where I filed that message). So, when I am searching for a message, I scan only 2 folders – the one where I “keep” all the messages, and the other which is the “Sent” folder (where all my outgoing email goes into). Time to setup: 1 min.

– All of this is done on the server, since I am using a Linux thin client. My email client is Evolution, but all processing and storage happens on the server. Searching for a message is blazingly fast.

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