RSS Search Engine

A nice idea from Dave Aiello:

A pure RSS-based search engine would…make it possible for news hounds to go straight to the source of grassroots buzz that often results in stories published in The New York Times or The Washington Post, or on Slashdot, two or three days later. It would also segregate the results of weblogs from more ‘edited’ sources of news– that still clearly matters to some people.

I think the blogosphere has reached a point where people would like to be able to search for information that has specifically been published on weblogs. I think the metadata already exists for a blog-specific search engine (in the form of RSS), the infrastructure is fairly obvious (see,and the auto-discovery mechanism makes it easy for a search engine to work without requiring blogs to register themselves.

The big question in my mind is who will develop a pure RSS-based search engine with the same sort of simplicity for which Google is already famous?

We have the building blocks in BlogStreet with its weblog search (over 100,000 blogs as of now)…we need to improve our search, and focus it more on the RSS feeds, and we could have one up and running very quickly.

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