More on Email Overload

Stewart Alsop writes on what has perhaps become the top propblem facing software developers in search of a “killer app” – how to help us all manage the flow from real killer app (email): “It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs have seen that there’s money to be made in taming this e-mail mess. The most innovative products I saw at Demo were programs designed to keep e-mail away from me, organize it, or make the information it contains accessible to colleagues who need it. ”

Alsop talks about MailFrontier for filtering out spam, Open Field Software’s product “that automatically classifies and sorts e-mail based on your preferences” and Kubi Software’s product “that enables users to store e-mails and all their attachments in one area–and then lets the information be shared with as many workers as necessary.” Most of the email products tend to be Outlook or Notes add-ons.

I am happy to report that my experiment with managing email based on a combination of incoming mail filters and a single folder for storing email is working very well.


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