Feedster, Snarf and RSS2Mail

Some interesting developments on the RSS front.

Scott Johnson has launched Feedster, an RSS Search engine. It is a nice and simple idea, allowing one to get to a blog post. What is really needed is exactly that – the ability to go beyond RSS to search at the granularity of a blog post. Not all RSS feeds have the blog post in its entirety, but it should be possible to take a blog and decompose it into its posts, with help from the RSS feed.

SNARF! is a Simple News Aggregator for RSS Feeds.

For the past few days, I have been using an idea we have been developing internally – an RSS2Mail hosted service. Create an account on a central server (could also be on the LAN), which aggregates RSS feeds and distributes it via email in a separate IMAP account. Very simple to set-up and use, but it leverages the same email interface that we are so comfortable with – no need to run download a separate RSS Aggregator. Using this definitely increases the information (in this case, blog posts) that I can process by 10x – this is disruptive!

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