Syndication via RSS

Scott Mitchell writes:

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a format designed to allow Web site content to be easily syndicated. The syndicated content can be integrated into other Web sites, or can be viewed by individuals via an assortment of desktop applications. For example, CNet’s site can be syndicated, meaning you can add the’s latest headlines to your Web site. A plethora of other Web sites, especially blogs, provide this syndication feature.

In order to syndicate your Web site’s content, all you need to do is create an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a Web-accessible file those wishing to consume your content may access. The file must be an XML file in the proper RSS standards format. Typically, an RSS feed is a static .xml that is periodically updated by some background process, but you can use ASP or ASP.NET Web pages to dynamically generate the RSS feed’s content.


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