Metabolic Pathways

Jon Udell describes an experiment with Virtuoso (“enterprise middleware that unifies SQL, text, XML, and object data will play an increasingly vital role in delivering business data to users”):

Data moves from a SOAP service in Radio UserLand, through an auto-generated WSDL wrapper, into a database stored procedure, which calls out to the Web through a C# extension and stores results in an indexed XML database. Then an XPath-enabled SQL query gathers results, converts them to XML, and virtualizes them as a WebDAV resource, which Excel finally reads and analyzes.

Fascinating flow. Its what Udell describes as “metabolic pathways”, adding that “I’ve always been fascinated by the ways in which energy and information flow through biological systems, and the IT realm is starting to feel more and more like that.”

It is the kind of flow we need to enable in our eBusiness suite that we are working on.

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Rajesh Jain

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